COVID-19 Information Resources

Below are informative links regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. To schedule your COVID-19 appointment, please click here.

Safety of Covid-19 Vaccines:

What you need to know.


New Vaccines:

How do scientists develop a new vaccine?


COVID-19 Vaccine:

De-bunking vaccine misinformation can save your life. 

Pet Safety & COVID-19:

What you need to know about COVID-19 and your pets.   

Safety and Diversity:

Discussing the COVID-19 vaccine safety across diverse populations. 

Pregnant Women:

Should expecting or nursing mothers get the vaccine? 

Fact checking information on social media:

COVID-19 vaccines will not magnetize you. 

Things to know:

COVID-19 facts and helpful information.

Lessons from Tuskegee:

Addressing COVID-19 hesitancy.

COVID-19 Vaccine Research:

Does the vaccine research reflect the needs of communities of color? 

Your Body & the Vaccine:

What does the COVID-19 vaccine do to your body?