New Orleans Musician's Clinic

LSU Healthcare network has the tremendous honor of providing comprehensive medical care to some of New Orleans’ most treasured citizens—our musicians. Operating out of our Campus Multispecialty Clinic, the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic has cared for more than 2,500 local musicians since its commencement in 1998.

While a “Musicians’ Clinic” may sound exclusive to musicians, the clinic also provides medical care for vocalists, music tradition bearers, Mardi Gras Indians, and any of the former’s household members over the age of 18 and from the greater New Orleans area.

NOMC’s care model provides high quality—and cost-efficient—healthcare and wellness programs for patients, regardless of their financial situation or access to health insurance. Please call 504.412.1366 for any questions about eligibility.

Powered by our dedication to cultivating vitality of mind, body, and spirit, NOMC also supports New Orleans’ musicians outside of the clinic. Following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic expanded its outreach by creating the New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation. Working together with NOMAF, NOMC expands its commitment to nourishing New Orleans traditional music culture through the Gig Fund and the Save New Orleans Sounds Program.

We take pride in offering the most accessible medical care, mental health support, and social services to one of the main sources of New Orleans’ vigor—the musicians.