November 2, 2020

Dear Valued Patient at the Kenner Multi-Specialty Clinic:

We are notifying you that effective December 2, 2020, the LSU Kenner Multi-Specialty Clinic will
become an Ochsner Health clinic and the providers (who continue to be affiliated with LSU) will become
Ochsner providers when practicing at the Kenner location.

If you already have a follow-up visit scheduled on or after December 2, 2020, a LSU Healthcare
Network representative will contact you. At that time, you can either indicate your approval to continue
with your current provider at Ochsner Health or decide to choose another provider elsewhere. If you
want to continue treatment with your current provider at Ochsner Health, we will help facilitate a call
with an Ochsner Health representative to confirm your appointment and insurance coverage.

Please note, some of the providers will also maintain a practice at another LSU Healthcare
Network clinic. Please refer to the attached list of clinic locations. If you wish to continue with your
provider at another LSU Network clinic, please call that clinic to set up an appointment.

Your medical record will remain with LSU Healthcare Network and will be transferred only if you
sign the form approving its transfer to Ochsner Health or another health care provider of your choice. It
is also your option to request a copy of these records. In order to receive or to transfer your medical
records, complete the Authorization to Disclose or Release Protected Health Information form attached
or visit under the “Patient Information” section to complete the online form. Rest
assured that your medical record will remain secure with the LSU Healthcare Network.

The LSU Healthcare Network is looking forward to this transition for our providers and would
like to assure you that it remains our goal to provide you the highest quality medical care. We have
valued your relationship with us and if you are seeing other providers in the LSU Healthcare Network,
we look forward to continuing your care.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at (504) 412-1705.